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Do I need to reline my chimney?

Most masonry chimneys starting in the 1940s were made with clay tiles, that line the inside of the chimney. Over time these tiles deteriorate or crack. This will leave gaps, allowing toxic carbon monoxide and possibly chimney fire sparks to escape through the cracks into the home, igniting a fire. When this happens, the chimney is no longer safe and needs to be relined. Even the furnace and water heater will vent better and no more condensation issues.

What are the benefits of relining my chimney?

1. Having peace of mind, knowing your family, house, and belongings are better protected from dangerous carbon monoxide and potential chimney fires, by the installation of a stainless flue liner. Whether it is a furnace, hot water heater, wood-burning insert or stove, and even existing fireplace, by adding insulation you have also increased the protection and added extra to the value of your home.


2. Nowadays when homes are sold many new buyers and realtors are asking for chimney inspections, and if you do not have a liner, they will ask to have one installed before purchasing. Since our liner warranties are transferable, they too will be covered should they ever have a problem.

3. Safety, knowing the gases and sparks won't enter into your home. Increased efficiency through a better draft, and reduce creosote build-up. Also, it is an affordable alternative to repairing or rebuilding the chimney and much easier to clean. Lifetime Warranty because the stainless steel liner is a corrosion-resistant liner you can expect the liner to last a lifetime, virtually maintenance-free.

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